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December 18, 2009
by thenestinggame

I found this chair via Apartment Therapy today. WANT!

Good thing it’s only 3,000 POUNDS plus fabric costs. I’m not going to even bother with the math. Which reminds me of the time in high school a schoolmate commented that her dress was “60 pounds” and my dear, sweet, foot-in-mouth friend Elizabeth commented, “Gosh, that’s heavy!”

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    December 23, 2009 2:15 am

    Waiiiiiiit a minuite. I thought that was you…becuase you said something about how she’d have to crawl to prom in it.

    I’m not saying I don’t put my foot in my mouth at every available opportunity, but I don’t think this was one of those times. :) Or am I misremembering?

    • January 4, 2010 8:24 pm

      Hmm. I think I made that joke in reply to the whole pounds/pounds thing. Who knows? Fun times though. Have you sliced open any 2-liters of Ginger Ale lately? ;)

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