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House Love, Lately

February 12, 2010
by thenestinggame

Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend)! I am sitting in my living room–really for the one of the first times since we’ve been in our house. I never wanted a living room I never sat in, so I’m trying to use the space! It’s in the front of the house and gets the most natural light, so it’s a pretty pleasant place to be. And outside the lovely large windows is a snowy scene. Rare in the ATL, but seems to be the norm for the past few weeks across the country. I’m just glad not to be in DC or Dallas with FEET of snow outside my door. I’ll stick with inches, thank you very much.

On the homefront, things have slowed down a bit due to some hectic travel schedules of ours. We did find time to pick up the frame above at Ikea and paint it. I borrowed (ok, stole) the idea from one of my favorite design bloggers, Jenny, of Little Green Notebook. We’ve also been waging a half-hearted war (and losing) with some attic critters. And we’ve been putting some finishing touches on the family room. I recovered 2 small side chairs that were left behind in the basement. We solved the great throw pillow conundrum. (How many? What colors? What patterns? Mix? Match?) We hung the TV and organized the components, but have yet to address the cord situation. Going through the walls is not really an option, so we’re trying to find some sort of cover (They all seem to be too small for the number of cords we have–6.) Painting them the wall color and securing them to the wall/mantel might be the way to go. Any thoughts on this, dear reader(s)?

Also, we received word that we were NOT chosen for Curb Appeal. Rats! The upside on that is we won’t be painting our brick, which I was wary of to begin with. The downside, obviously, is that our front yard will continue to thrive in mediocrity until we do something about it!

Finally, last weekend Taylor and I attended the neighborhood association’s New Neighbor Coffee. It was pretty much exactly what you’d think it would be. Nametags. Danish. Feigned civic responsibility. We did meet a couple who looked at our home before buying theirs just a few houses down the street. Evidently the family that owned their house were BFFs with the family that owned ours. They told us that they heard that when the owner’s children were boy scouts, they tried to set a campfire (or was it fireworks?) in our living room. Looking down from where I’m sitting now, there’s a round brown stain/burn on the hardwood floor. I guess the boys liked the natural light in the living room too. And a fire on a snowy day seems just about right.

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  1. Jackie permalink
    February 15, 2010 8:03 pm


    I used these for our untamed cords and it came out really well. I do have to say it felt like a wrestling match at times but it keeps em together in one handy bundle :-)

    Glad the dusting didn’t plunge the ATL into a frenzy!!


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