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Savannah, y’all

May 14, 2010
by thenestinggame

Taylor and I packed up and drove down to Savannah last weekend for our friends Lisa and Justin’s wedding. Here they are as they became a Mr. and Mrs.

Isn’t this the most charming little wedding scene you’ve ever laid eyes on? The whole to-do was just adorable. And the wedding couple didn’t stop beaming the entire night. As it should be.

Anyhoo, during the day we went shopping. We found this darling French shop called The Paris Market with tons of things Taylor and I loved. Of course, we bought exactly zero of them, but here are the things that we coveted.

These noses are molds for carnival masks. How cute would one be on the corner of the mantel?

I also like trophies/loving cups as a little collection. The problem? Polishing.

Taylor fell in love with this guy. I’m ok with a bird or something, but he’s a bit much. Come out to the fridge to get some water in the middle of the night and see this dude? Bad news bears.

I really wanted to take home one of these. It would be great for milk on the weekends when you have company and lay out the spread of cereals and fresh fruit. Or in our case, a box of Lucky Charms.

And we also dug this spider chandelier that would look amazing in a high ceilinged, open kitchen. Or a cozy family room with some wood beams on the ceiling. Neither of which we have. So, it stayed in Savannah waiting for its rightful owner.

And no, we did not go eat at Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons, although we did chow on some late night pizza across the street from her place.

Y’ALL, it was so goood. (Best Paula Deen impression I can do via type.)

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