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Some Summer

August 18, 2010
by thenestinggame

Well, kids. Here we are. I warned you summer would go by fast.

We had a good one at the nest. Lots of visitors, a little entertaining, and a ton of travel. Taylor broke his wrist in mid-May, so that put a damper on some of the home improvement time. I was travelling bunches for work too, so we did what we could do.

Among the big changes at the ranch:

We re-landscaped our front beds. I fear our beautiful peonies are perishing in the transplant, but I’m willing to take the casualty in exchange for the improvements.

We painted an accent wall in the bedroom and will soon have a Kelly Wearstler-inspired plate wall thanks to some gorgeous white Spode china that Taylor’s Dad gave to Sadie and she is generously letting us keep it for her until she wants it. Also, you can see our Craigslist chandelier that we bought  and painted plum.

I got a new car. A fancy-schmancy 2002 Accord. It does have leather and a sunroof, so that’s pretty pimpin’. I do miss the old Camry. A moment of silence…

We installed a new main water line. Our house inspection revealed a leak where the line enters the house. And to properly fix it, the galvanized line needed to be fully replaced. So, I bit the bullet and used some of my homebuyer’s tax credit to foot the bill. Now we have a lovely red Georgia clay scar running through our yard, but it’s nothing some sod (next spring…) can’t fix. And while the plumbers were there, I had them put in a new kitchen faucet which I adore, AND get a lot of use out of since I’m on perma-dish duty.

We hosted my parents (who fixed our leaky fridge) and Taylor’s kids, parents and brother’s family. Taylor’s Dad attacked our dead azalea bushes and showed no mercy. At the highest count, we had 4 adults,  7 kids and one incredibly sweet doggie, Deuce all staying with us. We also held the inaugural carport dance party.

I bought a new duvet for our room. The ensem is a little shocking all at once, but just the duvet and shams look great. I’m looking forward to the big reveal when the plate wall is done.

Also, our yard is filled with leaves. Already. It’s August. I shudder to think what November will look like.

The next big project will be painting the Living Room, Dining Room and front hall. Hoo boy!

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