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Empty Refrigerator-itis

September 9, 2010
by thenestinggame

Right now, our fridge looks something like this.

Okay. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. There’s an eggplant that’s on death’s door. Some yogurt. Some seedy Clementines I refuse to eat. Miller High Life. An ancient carton of grapefruit juice. And all the stuff in the door. Including Laughing Cow cheese, which does not need to be refrigerated and completely grosses Taylor out.

And as much as I love food, I hate having to go to the store. I don’t actually hate shopping once I’m there, it’s just the anticipation (or lack thereof). Like the gym. Though the gym doesn’t have the Publix Apron’s lady giving me banana pudding.

Which brings me to the 5 foods/dishes I can’t live without. I don’t necessarily eat these all the time (though some I do), but they are the ones that when I have a hankering, nothing else will do.

1. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

It’s pretty much what I eat every morning, with berries, honey and some Fiber One. And it’s hard to get tired of it. Unless there’s a trip to Alon’s on the books.

2. Sushi, specifically the Super Crunch at Harry and Sons.

Not sure what it is about this roll, but at least once a month, usually on Sundays, either Taylor or I will utter the words, “Crunchee Roll” and neither of us can get it out of our heads until we go.┬áThis was the end of a Super Crunch after our Cypress Tree planting session on Easter.

3. Thin crust pizza.

Chicago can have the thick stuff. I’m a St. Louis/New York style pizza lover. New Yorkers char it a bit, which is awesome, but St. Louis-style means Provel cheese, which is some combo of Provelone and white Velveeta. Yum. Yum. Imo’s is the local pizza delivery joint in St. Louis, but my family also frequents a Spanish/Italian restaurant on “The Hill” where they have a chorizo version.

4. A salad with a poached egg.

I first became addicted to this combination at Cafe Chloe, a place Taylor and I went in San Diego. And pretty much anytime I see this on a menu, I order it. Sometimes it’s asparagus. Occasionally there’s ham involved. But it’s always, always delicious. It’s the salty yolk. Cholesterol be damned. (Photo from the amazing food photographer Beth Galton.)

5. Milkshakes.

Lately I have not indulged my milkshake tooth, instead going for the fro-yo cone at McDonalds, Chick-fil-a or, of all places, Ikea. It works. But it’s not a milkshake. My friend, Lisa and I joke that we could totally win a milkshake competitive eating challenge. She’s lactose-intolerant, however, so I think I have the edge… This one is from Flip, Richard Blais’ burger boutique. It’s nutella with burnt marshmallow topping. And yeah, it’s as good as it sounds. We’ve also tried the Fois Gras shake there, which is not as scary as you think. It pretty much tastes like a really fatty vanilla shake. Super creamy. Mix in some Oreos and we’d have a winner.

My dinner of eggplant-clementine goulash with Laughing Cow fondue ain’t sounding so good…

What dishes can you not live without?

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  1. September 9, 2010 6:19 pm

    I have mine too:
    Having grown up in Clearwater, Florida, I can not do without a grouper sandwich on occasion or a blue crab boil that used to culminate after a few hours down along Allen’s Creek with my brothers. I sometimes have to have a falafel sandwich after spending much of my college work-life alongside two Laurel and Hardyesque, Lebanese brothers (one was short, fat and domineering, the other skinny, taller and subservient to his older brother. Both had thick mustaches like Molly’s dad.) Good falafels are hard to find. Last good one I had was while in Seattle with my daughter Sadie a block or two off of Pike’s Market. Most of them are dry (made from mixes) and exceedingly under-seasoned. If you don’t have cumin seeping from your pores after eating one, you didn’t get the real deal. I’ll second the milkshakes, but I always prefer a malt. But in the dessert category, my favorite is a straight up creme brulee. And please don’t try to up the ante by making it some flavor other than vanilla. (Side note: I did have one once that was infused with rosemary that was quite awesome. Somewhere in the theater district off-Broadway.) Last, I love a toasted sesame bagel, with a wedge of cream cheese, cut in half and wrapped in foil NY-style. Take it to go with a regular Joe in one of those Grecian “Happy to Serve” cups designed by the late Leslie Buck. That’s a great morning walk.

  2. lucyglib permalink
    September 10, 2010 5:56 pm

    Let’s see …

    On a daily basis, I rarely go without Triscuits or some generic form thereof. I also drink green tea every day but that’s more habitual and not because I love-love it.

    On a weekendly-basis, I’m a huge sushi fan too. Rarely go a week or a weekend without it. New favorite stop is Jai Yen, a BYOB in Boystown. Anything with salmon and tuna is good by me.

    Irresistible on menus? Gnocchi and mashed potatoes. Which are sort of the same thing, really.

    Never much of a sweet tooth, so when cravings come calling, they are typically of the Nacho Cheese Doritos … cheddar cheese … almonds variety.

    Finally, my hangover food? Chicken McfreakingNuggets. Completely disgusting in principle, completely delicious at the right (wrong?) time.

  3. September 13, 2010 3:35 pm

    Beth, Target Triscuits and baked Cheetos are waiting for you in Atlanta! And we might have to go get sushi on Thursday…

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