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Friday Five: Home Office

October 29, 2010
by thenestinggame

It’s been a crazy week at work. 15 hour days since Sunday. So, not much time for the dear ol’ blog. So, in honor of where I’ve spent my week, I used the little downtime I had to assemble some cool home offices.

1. Chinoiserie Chic

This is Jenny from Little Green Notebook‘s office. Love the bright red credenza with the sleek, simple desk. Really warm, considering many offices are so utilitarian. You know that throw pillow is on the floor 99% of the time, though.

2. Closet Case

I love the idea of making the most out of rarely used space. Turning a guest room or den closet into an office lets you get the most out of the room while creating a cozy and super efficient space. One problem? Her jeans are a little too short. Total pet peeve.

3. Sleek with Storage

Ok, so this is obviously a fancy shoot for a magazine or catalog because no owns only red and white things. Except maybe Stephanie from Sleepover Friends. But, I love the wallpaper panel and all the storage boxes. Sherry from Young House Love even crams her modem and router into them, but I would be wary of overheating/spontaneous combustion.

4. Flower Power

This image comes from Country Living. I just really dig the green and pink with that rich, muted taupey gray background. The antique frame corkboard is lovely too. The teapot, however, is a little random.

5. Rustic Modern

The distressed chair is so unique and the bulletin board is a salvaged door painted with magnetic paint.  They fit right in with the paneled walls. The contemporary desk with the quatrefoil wallpapered file cabinet is a great contrast without seeming disjointed. Honestly, this whole house is lust-worthy.

When you work from home, where do you do it? Although we do have a little office set up, I usually end up cranking from the dining room.

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  1. October 29, 2010 7:23 pm

    Sooo pretty. I would, however, like to submit a request for next week’s Friday Five: the REAL home offices of people who actually use them. On the desk of my homebicle right now: computer; iPhone; hideous Texas Instruments calculator; a stack of scrap letterpress paper; empty jar; scattered sketches and spec notes; scattered printer quotes; scattered shipping receipts; stolen tape dispenser, also hideously beige, from the 22 cutroom (my last laugh, mwah ah ah); a navy blue button (to remind me to figure out where it came from); lots of cords (boo, cords); scissors; keys; a persimmon. Ready with pics when you are.

  2. October 29, 2010 9:02 pm


    my junior year in college, i lived in a house with 4 girls. two of them didn’t know each other, but they were both friends of mine that were going to eventually become really good friends/roommates. anyway, the FIRST day that we all moved in, we were all getting ready to go to dinner, and one roommate walked into the room with another roommate and said to the other, “You’re not going to wear those jeans with heels are you? Because they’re too short.” …and they barely knew each other. now, we are all best friends, and we always refer back to the day that sarah told E that her pants were too short upon first meeting her.

    • November 4, 2010 6:34 pm

      Kristen, I love this story! And hey–Sarah was just trying to help. :)

  3. lucyglib permalink
    October 29, 2010 9:04 pm

    Love numbers 1 and 5.

    We have a third French-doored bedroom that currently contains a too-large desk, one random arm chair, a couple of book shelves that got demoted when we had built-ins installed and nothing else. It needs help and one option is to (eventually) make it a lovely office space.

    Right now, neither of us EVER use it. When we work from home, we are usually at the dining-room table or maybe on the couch. If I worked from home permanently, though, I’d want a desktop (or a docking station and large monitor) and a devoted place from which to do it.

  4. November 1, 2010 8:58 pm

    Hmmm. I’m dealing with this conundrum right now. I think maybe #5 would work for me but like you I usually end up at the dining room table anyways. And where to put the dang printer/scanner?!

    Oh it’s a process, right?

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