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Friday Five: Fabric Hunt

November 6, 2010
by thenestinggame

So, after painting our Dining Room gray and finding curtains in Paris I set out to find some new fabric for our chairs. These are the also-rans that didn’t pan out, but still totally love.

1. Red Ikat: Love this. Later spied it in Kristen’s awesome living room. Turned out to be too much red for the room. From here.

2. Pink Dandelions: I thought it was fun. Taylor thought it was too trendy. He was probably right. From here.

3. Amy Butler Poppies: This is very pretty and I love the flowers, but the pink was too soft and Taylor didn’t want green. From here.

4. Broad Stripe: I thought this could be kind of fun, shifting the fabric around so the stripes changed on each chair. The blue would have blended nicely with the adjacent living room, but the pink was too purple. From here.

5. Grape Circles: This was truly never a viable option, but I thought this fabric was so cool. The texture was like a soft burlap. Also available in coral/green. From here.

And what did we end up with? Here’s a hint.

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