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Paint it Gray

February 2, 2011
by thenestinggame

Well, I guess I’m… ugh…*wrong.*

Insert Taylor’s happy dance here.

For my entire life I have thought this chair was Navy Blue. It has a bit of family lore. In the 70s, my  mom and grandmother bought a giant bolt of Navy Blue Aubergine fabric for some ridiculous price… like $2 or something. The bolt has since recovered the backs of 2 sofas, the chair I have, a smaller club chair and ottoman and there is still some left over. I’m going to have to break this news to my Mom. I fear she will not take it well.

But the blessed time has come to paint the living room. We’ve been settled on a color (Behr’s Silver Drop) for awhile now, but after reading about the ordeal of selecting gray paint on other design blogs, I thought we should take a lesson from the Better Safe Than Sorry playbook and throw up a few samples on the walls. I’ve also been a bit wishy washy and coming around to the idea of a more beige-y shade. So, after culling the gajillions of off-white shades down, we landed on four.


And after an evening and a morning of observation and constant flip-flopping on my part, we decided none of them were really right. Manchester Tan never worked. Silver Drop was too Blue. Natural Wicker was about the best, but was scarily close to the existing wall color. And, Natural Linen was nice, but too dark and I didn’t feel like it transitioned into the dining room very well.

So, back to Home Depot I went for two more samples. Something more gray, but still warm.

(Please forgive the ominous shadow of the Navy Blue Aubergine wing back chair.)

For complete reference, here are some of the elements of the room I’m working with:

And I think we found a winner…

Whetstone Gray! It’s a Martha Stewart for Home Depot color. I really wanted to stay in the gray world and this one had enough warmth to tie in the rug and still transition nicely to the dining room.

We’re going to try to tackle the room this weekend. I. cannot. wait.

Think we made the right choice?

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  1. lissette perez permalink
    September 6, 2011 9:04 pm

    My q SWuestion to you is what is the name of the color that you have on your wall now it is yellow or a light beige I would like to know for my living room? If you like a soft color go for Antique beige/Thunder AF 685 gray by Sherman Williams.

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