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Just Browsing: Homegoods

June 13, 2011
by thenestinggame

My browsing to buying ratio at Homegoods is rarely in the store’s favor. Usually because I see so many things that have potential that I rarely end up committing to any one thing. Recently I did raid the bedding department and, on an impulse trip to Homegoods last week, I saw lots of things that I’m positive I could find a good home for. I thought it might be fun to see some good knock-offs in context of what you could actually do with them.

These outdoor chairs greeted me as I walked in the front door. They also came in baby blue. They reminded me of this Bracelet-style chair and would be so cute in a little garden setting. I think they were 80 bucks each.

{via Marcus Design}

Next, I spied this lovely blue ikat tufted barrel chair. Urban Outfitters has a slipper chair version, but I thought this one looked more expensive. Madeline Weinrib‘s bedroom features an ikat side chair that’s a charming inspiration.

{via KRIS Likes}

This settee is seemingly plain, but the lines are interesting enough and the color is neutral so that you can have a lot of fun switching out pillows. It would be perfect for a small apartment or a bedroom. It reminded me of  Lauren’s settee and cute NYC apt.

{via Good Bones Great Pieces}

Homegoods is ground zero for bad art. Well, maybe not ALL bad, just generic. Home staging central. But I saw this large botanical (well, camellia) print and it reminded me of one of Erika Powell’s rooms. Unfortunately, there was only 1 print that was any good–the mate was some sort of Old Country Roses vomit–but the idea is right.

{via TradHome}

I also spied this mirrored frame on clearance for $50. It was HEAVY. The print sucks, but you could take it out and replace it with something dazzling. Maybe a wonderful printed fabric (blue ikat again?) like Lauren Liess did for her client’s dining room.

{via Pure Style Home}

I am a huge fan of gold. Even when silver was popular in the 90s, I still stuck to my guns. I spied two gold-toned pieces from the same manufacturer, I’m guessing, that would add a rich touch to warm-accented rooms. Now, to be honest, part of why I rarely BUY $100+ pieces at Homegoods is because I can’t really get behind paying for particle board furniture. But, if there’s a trendy look you want, these reproductions are an affordable way to get it, just don’t be thinking you’re going to be leaving it to your kids or anything.

{via flickr}

{Domino Magazine via Simply Stoked}

And then… lamps. You know my weakness. I found a pair of these elegant mercury glass lamps. Get rid of the hideous shade and you’ve really got something.

{via Elle Decor}

I saw these guys and snapped two of them up. Not really sure where they are going or what the final shade situation will be—I will probably not keep the green ones—but I’ve had the taller artichoke shades in the back of my head since this post and when I saw these, I had to have them. For $30 a pop, it’s a justifiable splurge. I may even mount them on a white pedestal to add height to get them closer to the inspiration image.

{via Apartment Therapy}

All that eye candy for 60 bucks. Not a bad day.

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  1. June 13, 2011 12:31 pm

    wow. so much eye candy.

    i love homegoods.

    this post is making me have a hankering to pop in there.

    but its way too dangerous!

    i bought a chair from there a few months ago – I am pretty sure its the sister chair to the blue and white ikat one – except its green and white, same print, but different style chair.


    its such an interesting fabric/print – its almost damask but not – maybe its “ikat” – i need to research this terminology.

    LOVING this post. thanks for sharing!

    • June 13, 2011 12:54 pm

      I bet that ikat-ish chair is awesome in green! Thanks for stopping by.

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