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Flea Market Finds

August 1, 2011
by thenestinggame

I did a little thrift store browsing this weekend. The guy at the Buford Hwy Flea is starting to recognize me, which is scary. However he is the only employee in the store with all his teeth, so at least I am attracting the higher end of thrift store management.

My first find is this LARGE mirror.

It’s probably about 40″ long and is HEAVY. Also, Taylor hasn’t made a blog appearance in awhile so I thought I’d use the shot with him and his soccer shoes. I also may have hit the clearance rack at LOFT this weekend, but that is unconfirmed.

The back of the mirror is wood and you can also see just how much I paid for him.

I am thinking of doing something like this:


{via Wisteria}

Or this:

{via Hee.}

My skills are as of yet untested, so no promises there.

And after watching adorable Emily Henderson’s latest Secrets From a Stylist, I went BACK to the flea market to pick up this dude:

…who had just flown in the previous morning. (Meaning: it was a new arrival to the store on Saturday–which I noted as I had not seen him before. I didn’t buy him on Saturday because I was haggling over a hutch that required more work than I am confident I can pull off at the price they were asking and the toothless employee wouldn’t give me the price I wanted so out of principle I left without buying anything even though I really wanted the parrot.)

BUT, after seeing this amazeballs room…

Couch. WANT.

…my brass addiction forced me to return to pick up the parrot.

I loved his long (chipped) tail.

I was pretty sure I liked him as-is, but I whipped out my trusty Bar Keeper’s Friend to see if I wanted to shine him up a bit.

BKF : Brass Parrots :: Dawn : Oil-soaked Penguins

I tested on a inconspicuous area—his pooper—and decided I liked him better the way he came.

So those are my buys of the weekend.

Okay. Fine. And this.

And don’t forget you have until Wednesday to enter to win my Amy Butler footstool! Tell your friends. Tell your enemies.

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  1. Elaine Smart permalink
    August 1, 2011 6:28 pm

    Love the parrot!
    Don’t forget garage sales.

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