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Postcard from Alt

January 20, 2012
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by thenestinggame

In case you haven’t heard, I am at Alt Summit in lovely Salt Lake City, UT. Well, it’s lovely from the photo above. I haven’t gotten to see much of the city other than the gorgeous hotel we are staying in, The Grand America. My pal Amy and I splurged on breakfast this morning, and I did feel a little “ladies-who-lunch”ish. And I kinda liked it, not gonna lie.

It’s funny, this isn’t a very “Alt” hotel—it’s super traditional, filled with antiques. But the chandeliers are AMAZING.

I hope you have had a good week. Sorry I have been a little MIA. I have learned TONS while I’ve been here and can’t wait to use it to make this little ol’ blog better in 2012.

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  1. January 20, 2012 5:17 pm

    Let’s just be ladies who lunch. You know, like as a job. Also, I will help you steal a chandelier. That’s friendship!

  2. January 21, 2012 10:47 pm

    Those chandeliers are amazing!!!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time at Alt!!! Welcome back (when you go back that is)

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