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Wedding Week: DIY Details Part 2

April 5, 2012
by thenestinggame

Yesterday we covered decorating our wedding space from the air (with pompoms!) and from the seats (table decor). Today, we tackle more fun stuff.

First, my favorite part of any wedding: the cake! We went with cupcakes instead of traditional wedding cake. I remember pulling a page out of Town and Country magazine in like, 1999 with these awesome cupcakes frosted like tropical flowers and knew I wanted to do something like that when my time came around. Gotta love the Internet – HERE is the page I ripped out and kept for ages.

Well, fast forward 12 years and the cupcake thing ain’t so novel anymore, but who cares! We chose 3 flavors of cupcakes: carrot cake with cream cheese icing, lemon with lemon icing, and vanilla with buttercream. Our friend Susanne of tsp. bakery made them for us after we first tried her wares at our friends’ Lisa and Justin’s wedding. I know, I know…no chocolate. But no one seemed to complain. I vaguely remember buying a 5lb bag of Hershey Kisses at some point, but have zero idea if I used them or not. (Or ate them myself, possibly…)

Taylor made our clothespin cake toppers. I had to tell him vague details about my dress before he saw it so he could approximate the look for my figurine. My dress is made out of leftover fabric from my alterations! His suit is crafted out of navy grosgrain ribbon. Today, we have them sitting in a plant over our kitchen sink and I look at them all the time.

The to-go boxes became accidental favors. We had planned on setting the boxes beside the cupcakes at the end of the night, so people could load up and take an extra home with them. However, the caterers ended up packing them individually and setting them on the tables by the exit. We didn’t have any other favors, so it was perfect! We created 2 little stickers with our omnipresent noggins that said, “Cake for breakfast?” and “Midnight snack?” We printed them on label paper and I used a circle punch to cut them out. The takeout boxes are from Uline. Rumor has it that cupcakes were distributed as bribes to cab drivers and security guards…

To decorate the cupcakes, we made little flags. One with each of our heads (in case you didn’t know this was all about us) and a third with the gingham pattern from the back of the invitations. Taylor designed the patterns and laid them out on repeat. Then I trimmed out the rectangles and used a glue stick to secure each flag around a mini dowel rod. I found some decorative cupcake liners to match our color scheme and assigned them to a flavor.

I made some of the cake stands with a mix of thrifted plates and metal cooktop covers hot glued to candlesticks and spray painted white. I modpodged the tops to make them food safe, then realized the cupcakes would be in liners and I would also put paper doilies on top. Then I freaked out at the last minute, worrying the DIY cake plates weren’t going to support the weight of the cakes and told the caterers to bring some cake plates of their own, but they ended up working just fine. Whew.

Here’s my niece Emily telling me she chose my head over her uncle Taylor’s.

Next, Photobooth! We decided to DIY a photobooth using the Photobooth application on our MacBook. We set up a table beside one of the bar stations. (Because we know where all our friends would end up…) and loaded it with instructions and a few props: wax moustache and lips, cat-eye glasses and a top hat! Some of the pompoms from the chairs ended up there as well! We hoped that the pictures would serve as our guestbook. Unfortunately not everyone made it by, but we got so many priceless pics we just love!

In fact, when we got back to the hotel right after the wedding, we wolfed down the dinner that the caterers had sent back with us and pulled up the photobooth pictures and laughed and laughed. Our niece Megan (top left) was the star of the show, appearing in photos with people she didn’t know and several dozen by herself.

We wanted to show some photos of us growing up (because it’s all about us), minus my extended awkward phase between the ages of 10 and 14. We printed out photos and glued them back-to-back on dowel rods and put them in glass vases tied with the seersucker and leather cord we used on the invitations. We set these on the tables beside the place cards and also on the hi-boy bar tables in the main reception area. The one of Taylor with his soccer mullet was used as a dancing prop as the night wore on!

The Mollys and Taylors signs were a last minute idea to replace the Ladies and Mens room signs. Our friend Andy’s pet peeve is cleverly named restrooms, so we kind of had no choice but to do it. I didn’t use the rest room at all while we were there, so I didn’t get to see them in action. I only hope people who were looking for the loo figured it out…

For our exit, I decided to make ribbon wands. I recruited my friend Leslie for wand making, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon and a bottle or two of pinot noir. All this took was more dowel rods (would you believe I’d never HEARD of a dowel rod before getting married…), a hot glue gun and an assortment of ribbon from Michael’s. They were pretty, but if I had to do it over again I’d cut the ribbons about 8 inches longer.

Taylor also designed some cute signs to set around the venue. The “Me too. Same as me. We’re the same.” is an adapted quote we say to each other all the time from, of all places, a Very Mary-Kate sketch. (The one where she’s trying to woo Zac Efron.) The frames are all Goodwill finds, spraypainted white.

Tomorrow, we party!

And if you want to catch up on the rest of the Wedding Week details: our attire, the invitations, and DIY details part 1.


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  1. Vicki permalink
    April 5, 2012 10:51 am

    I love all the little details! And I’m really enjoying this week’s series – I get to see everything I missed and it’s almost like I was there!

    Also, did everyone have an awkward stage from 10 to 14? I sure did. Though if I’m totally honest I think it’s more from 9 to 15…

    • thenestinggame permalink*
      April 5, 2012 11:20 am

      So glad you’re enjoying it. I’m beginning to feel a little self-indulgent with it all! It’s all about MEEEE!

    • Taylor permalink
      April 5, 2012 12:53 pm

      As you can see from some of my pictures here, I’ve never really had the misfortune of an awkward phase. Phew!

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