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Friday Five: Mother’s Day

April 13, 2012
by thenestinggame

I am not the best planner. I usually find myself staring holidays in the face and thinking that I really should have started thinking about them earlier. Even Pinterest hasn’t helped me much. And, yes I’ve already seen 4th of July ideas popping up on there. For the love of Lee Greenwood, people. Simmer down.

So,  getting ahead of the game for once, here are 5 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are easy to do if you’re anything like me (meaning not particularly crafty).

1. Paint a vase. With a little painters tape, some spray paint and a goodwill vase, you can create a custom design of your own. It’s even better if your Mom is a fan of Charlie Brown’s shirt

2. Make a tray. I glued some pretty paper on an old tray with ModPodge. You could also use photographs or any other sentimental items, like signed report cards perhaps?

3. Make a bulletin board. Pick out a cute fabric and cover a plain bulletin board with it. Add some nailheads around the end and presto!

4. Make an ombre flower arrangement. I used some inexpensive carnations, but you could certainly splurge on some nicer blooms. Mom deserves it.

5. Make a Silhouette. It could be of you (her favorite child), her grandchild, her furry grandchild, or of her! I gotta say though, I do not have the exacto knife skills to pull this one off. Luckily my hubs does.

Okay. You have one month! Go!

And there’s always 1-800-Flowers.


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