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Brass Urchins

June 13, 2012
by thenestinggame

Get this. I’ve been jogging lately. I’m on week 8 of a Couch to 5k podcast program and… I actually really like it. I haven’t run for a few years, so getting back into it was kind of a challenge, especially because Atlanta has these things called HILLS that Florida didn’t so much have.

So after taking my new running shoes for an inaugural run Saturday morning, I laid down in the park to do some crunches/stretches/collapsing and looked up to see this.

Remind you of anything?

{chataleine via veneer design}

{atlanta homes magazine}

{the cuban in my coffee}

{elle decor}


I guess if I had been sitting on my couch eating Cheetos I would never have made this connection. Damn you, endorphins!

PS. We almost bought some of these from Trina Turk while we were in Palm Springs, but passed them up. (The second anniversary is “Urchin,” right?)


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