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Zara Home

October 11, 2012
by thenestinggame

When we were planning our Spain trip I remember thinking that I had to track down a Zara Home and check  it out. Then I completely forgot about it until we were on a double decker tour bus and we sped past one and I thought, “Dangit! Meant to go there.”

But never fear, because Zara Home is now in the U.S.!

And what is that I spy? It’s their Walton Mirror.

Which looks a heck of a lot like the one I picked up at the thrift store. (And am hoarding for something special.)

And the one Jenny hung in her entry way.

I think I paid under $30. Zara’s is $80, which is not insane. It says it’s wood… Zara’s is 21″ tall, which is the Mama Bear between Jenny’s Baby and my Papa.

Have you checked out Zara Home yet? What do you think? I’m digging this, this and these.


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  1. Ann permalink
    October 11, 2012 8:41 am

    I like the things you found! I got the email from Zara announcing Zara Home. All I can hope is hat they have fgood sales. Plain cotton sheets were $90 per sheet, and that’s out of my range!

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