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Living Room Moodboard

September 3, 2012
by thenestinggame

I finally started working on a mood board for our living room

which as you may recall, but probably not since I don’t show much of this room, currently looks something like this.

But anyway, here’s the beginning of a plan:

What’s staying:

Blue couch (which is paler in real life than in the photo above. The one in the moodboard is from the Google.)

Bergere chair (reupholstered in a pinkish ikat? Possibly with painted or (lord help me) stripped wood?)

The “navy” chair (reupholstered in white linen? West Elm chair shown as placeholder.)

The pewter coffee table (the one in the moodboard is from the interwebz, but you get the idea)

Taylor’s grandmother’s china cabinet (it has glass doors on it, not shown in the moodboard. Will possibly cover foam core in fabric or paper to liven up the back.)

What’s going:

The french side tables. I realized everything is old and traditional and we needed some sort of modern energy to make this room feel like ours instead of our grandparents’.

The Nate Berkus Beach Art and mirror combo. Taylor hates. I like the beach stuff as a duo, not so much as it is right now.

The rug. It’s a lovely oriental. Unfortunately it’s the focal point of the room and I don’t want it to be.

Paint color. I picked Martha Stewart’s Whetstone Grey because it went with the rug. The undertones are all wrong with the adjacent dining room and I think we gotta go with Silver Drop by Behr, which is the next shade lighter on the card from the dining room’s Dolphin Fin.

What’s new:

A sisal/jute/seagrass type rug. Possibly with a zebra hide. (Is this over? Someone please tell me if this is over.)

Some sort of end tables with really clean lines, as I mentioned.

New lamps, possibly some Goodwill finds I have hanging around with polka dot dreams. These may go into our bedroom, though. Or the trash. We’ll see.

A large black and white painting courtesy of Taylor.

A kilim-covered ottoman? So bummed I passed on this turkish bag at Antique Factory a few months back.

So until all the details are ironed out, which could totally be a really long time from now, here are some inspiration photos I’m leaning on heavily for reference.

Cottage Living

Love the calm colors in the furniture and the pillows that punch you in the face. Also, that turquoise table is just like this one I rehabbed.

Capella Kincheloe

Like the little ottoman and the black and white artwork

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.  Layered rugs. Also kind of like the sofa table idea…. hmm.

Can’t find a source for this one

I like using floor lamps behind the end tables. Also kind of makes me realize I like the pink in the mix, but not necessarily directly on top of the blue.

Little Green Notebook

Love the modern black and white stripe with the classic sofa shape. Also love, love, love the flower arrangement in the champagne bucket.

Windsor Smith

Digging the unique shape of the coffee table/ottoman and the rug. Also kind of intrigued by the furniture arrangement.

Canadian House & Home

More formal than I’m going for, but I love the mix of the traditional and modern.

How’s it feeling so far?


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  1. September 4, 2012 12:27 am

    I like the mix of traditional and contemporary. It looks so cool when done right–not that I know how to do it right! But I know it when I see it. Love this post because it helps me see why it’s so hard to do it right. So many moving parts…

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    • thenestinggame permalink*
      September 4, 2012 11:09 am

      Thanks, Rita!

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