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Living Room Update

January 3, 2013
by thenestinggame

So…it’s 2013. What? I trust everyone had a nice December. All your homes across blogland looked absolutely beautiful. We had a pretty tree which is now sitting next to me, undecorated. I can hear needles dropping with every keystroke. Someone really needs to vacuum around here.

I thought I’d update y’all on the state of our living room. Awhile back I posted an in-progress mood board of some of the changes I hoped to make.

LR Moodboard_no watermark.003

They included:

– Replace the french side tables with something more modern

– Repaint with a less-pink gray

– Replace the rug with something neutral and add a zebra hide

– Rethink the art over the sofa

– Reupholster the bergère chair and possibly the velvet one

– Replace the lamps

Presenting, side tables:

LR Iron end tables



Better, right? The scale is right and they even have antiqued mirror tops, which make them modern and yet ANTIQUE. I found them on Craigslist and when I went to pick them up the girl had this pillow on her couch and a house layout identical to ours. I think they were meant to be ours. Love Craigslist karma.

LR antiqued mirror tabletop

If you compare the before and after photos above, you’ll also notice the SLIGHTEST difference in the paint color. I spent a Sunday repainting the room from Martha Stewart’s Whetstone Gray to Behr’s Silver Drop. I finished and Taylor and I looked around and I said, “No one is going to be able to tell the difference.” But *I* can tell and that’s really all that matters. The old color was chosen to go with the pink in the rug, and it just did not transition well to the more neutral gray in the dining room. Drove me nuts!

Whetstone Gray vs Silver Drop

Speaking of the rug… I ordered a seagrass rug from Myers Carpet here in Atlanta. I went big with it. Like, 15’10 x 11’6. I wanted it almost to be wall-to-wall. I think there’s about 12″ of floor showing all around.

LR wide shot_sisal rug

It’s definitely not plush, but it kind of feels like you’re getting a foot massage when you walk on it barefoot

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. We’re still planning on the zebra—just haven’t gotten there yet.

LR Sofa and End Tables

I took down the mirror that separated the two beach prints. I feel like they work much better together. I wish I had 3 of them, to be honest. The long term plan is for Taylor to paint something for this space, but that might be awhile and I couldn’t live with the nakedness.

I finally put to use a pretty Tiffany platter that we got for our wedding. And a succulent that I’m sure will kick the bucket any day.

LR tiffany tray

On the flip side of the room I added a sheepskin to the velvet chair. It never really works with a pillow, so this was a nice way to make it a little cozier.

LR sheepskin vignette

I’m still digging the color scheme.

LR pillows

LR china cabinet

And I have a plan for the back of the china cabinet to pull it all together a bit more. It involves Rachel Zoe wrapping paper. Bananas, no?

Here’s the little white corner table. Another Craigslist score. The glazing job has grown on me.

LR corner white table

So to recap where we are:

- Replace the french side tables with something more modern

– Repaint with a less-pink gray

- Replace the rug with something neutral and add a zebra hide

- Rethink the art over the sofa

– Reupholster the bergère chair and possibly the velvet one

– Replace the lamps

The last two are not super duper urgent priorities at the moment. Those would be the 4 suitcases waiting to be unpacked and the laundry to do and the thank you notes to write… But we’ll get there.

If you’re still checking in on me after my sporadic posting this fall, I really appreciate it. I thank you so much for the time you spend with me!


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9 Comments leave one →
  1. Katie W permalink
    January 3, 2013 9:49 am

    Looks fantastic Molly. You always make me want to redecorate my house.

  2. Elaine Smart permalink
    January 3, 2013 10:23 am

    Looks great – wish you had made suggestions for our living room while you were here.
    Whoops, guess you couldn’t with 2 inflatable mattresses and 6 kids on them!

  3. annie permalink
    January 3, 2013 10:34 am

    Love the changes! And glad to have you back!

  4. January 3, 2013 12:47 pm

    So happy to see a post from you in my inbox! Definitely a thumbs up on the side tables. I like the eclectic mix you’ve got going on in this room. Would like to know more about how you feel about the rug after living with it. We’re going to need something for our family room, and I’ve wondered how the kind of rug you’ve chosen feels over time. Kids want cozy, so they’d be opposed to seagrass–but I wonder if some ease of care/maintenance would be worth that trade-off.

    • thenestinggame permalink*
      January 4, 2013 4:58 pm

      Rita, I really haven’t noticed much aversion to it on the kids’ part. They’re pretty hearty—I think they’d go barefoot indoors and out if they could. You could always plop a blanket or pillows down if you wanted to hunker on the floor for a bit. I have liked the low maintenance side of things—it barely shows any dirt whatsoever. And thanks for the compliments! Happy new year!

  5. January 6, 2013 8:39 pm

    It looks gorgeous and I am completely in love with your settee! I’ve just repainted my living room and can’t wait to start decorating now. xx

  6. January 26, 2013 6:25 pm

    Hi there. I just stumbled across your blog on Pinterest – love it! Your home is gorgeous and your pictures are amazing. I’m a new follower on FB. Hope you’re having a great weekend! =)

    ~ Catie

    Stop by my blog sometime and say hi. : )

  7. July 26, 2013 11:07 pm

    I looooove that ove rsized art piece in the corner of your living room. I have scoured your blog looking for the source. Is it a DIY or did you purchase it from somewhere? You have a beautiful home, btw!

    • thenestinggame permalink*
      July 26, 2013 11:50 pm

      Thank you, Michelle! The art piece was done by my husband, Taylor. There’s a similar one in the boys’ room. I’m lucky to have him and his artistic talent around!

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