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DIY Napkin Pillows

April 28, 2013
by thenestinggame

How to Make a Napkin Pillow

A few weeks ago, I was super stressed-out and spent my Sunday pretty much ignoring everything in my life and decided to make pillows instead. As you do. When I bought the napkins/dishtowels for my deck pillows at World Market last summer, I also  picked up 3 of the same ikat print napkin in blue. I thought they might look good in the family room.

Because of the size of the deck pillow inserts, I cut off the jute trim for those, but I liked it and wanted to keep it on these.

Napkin with jute trim

For the backside of the pillows, I decided to use some leftover fabric I had from the Mini Blind Roman Shade project. It’s a nice, heavy off-white linen-y fabric

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I trimmed the fabric to the same size of the napkins, plus an inch all around for seam allowance—mind you, the napkins were not perfectly square, nor were they even the same size. Then I hemmed the white fabric and sewed those pieces to the napkins right sides out. I sewed 3 full sides and about 2-3 inches in on either edge of the 4th side.

So then I knew I had to find some way to close these suckers, so enter my third napkin. I trimmed off the jute on this one for my ties. I cut each of the 4 edges in half and hemmed one edge. The other edge would be sewn into the pillow.

With the trim-less, unfinished edge napkin, I cut it in half, then turned my pillow inside out and sewed the long edge of the napkin alongside the bottom hem of the back side of the pillow. I also sewed my ties to the inside of the front and back.

How to add a flap closure

Finally, I put the insert inside the cover and tucked the flap around the bottom of the pillow.

Ikat Pillow 1

Fairly easy! And no zipper to fool with.

These napkins are no longer at World Market, but here are a couple they have now that I thought would make cute pillows.

World Market Chevron Napkins


World Market Rosalia Ikat Napkin


World Market Green Embroidered Chambray Napkins


And then your couch can look like this:

Sofa with ikat napkins

They took me a little bit to get used to—for some reason I tend to dislike new things until I live with them for a little bit. But now I really dig ‘em!

And as I’ve said before, if *I* can make them—anyone can.

How to Make a Napkin Pillow

Hope you had a good weekend! We tackled the closet in the nursery—“add shelving” turned into “re-design and re-paint the entire closet,” so that was surprising… But it’s almost done! 6 weeks to go…

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  1. Taylor permalink
    April 29, 2013 9:58 am

    I never realized those pillows had little tie enclosures. Cute. Also, I’m glad to know that new things tend to bother you. If I just put of re-painting the nursery closet for another week, you’ll get used to the ultra bright turquoise.

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